Implant Cosmetics – Zirconia vs Titanium Dental Implants

zirconia implants more cosmetic than titanium

What dental implant material looks better – zirconia or titanium dental implants? Of course zirconia looks better. After all zirconia is white and a very similar color to natural teeth. Titanium implants, on the other hand, are a gray metallic color. Titanium is a metal. Zirconia is a specialized ceramic. Ceramic implants are sometimes called the “cosmetic implant” because of it’s natural tooth color and because it will never show any metallic colors by the gum line. What dental implant material is best?

Metal is a cosmetic concern for many people. Especially members of the older population who have suffered through one unsightly dental metal after another. The fear of showing metal while smiling is a huge concern. Many older dental materials such as gold crowns, silver amalgam fillings and porcelain fused to metal crowns have been eyesores. But perhaps, the biggest cosmetic problem of them all is gum loss or recession around titanium dental implants. Showing gray through the gum, or worse yet, showing a metal root by the gum line is not a good look.

Gum Loss or Recession can be a major problem around Titanium Implants

Most titanium implants are bone level implants. That means the implants are placed below the gum line at the level of the jawbone. Most of the time this puts the metal colored titanium implant 1-5mm below the gum line. Since the titanium implant is covered by gum tissue, normally the unsightly metal will not be seen. Obviously a white crown is placed on any implant be it titanium or zirconia. In cases where gum tissue is lost around titanium implants, metal may show through and become a cosmetic problem. If a zirconia implant is placed, gum tissue loss will not pose the same metallic cosmetic problems.

Gum Tissue health and Cosmetic is Better around Zirconia Implants than Titanium

Gum tissue around zirconia has 50% more blood supply than the same tissue around titanium. Tissue with more blood circulation has the appearance of being more vibrant, healthy and esthetic. Part of a nice looking smile is gum tissue that properly fills the spaces in between the teeth. More blood circulation, means better defense against bacteria and stronger tissue. Healthy, strong gum tissue is also less likely to be lost around teeth. When gum tissue is lost between teeth, dark unsightly spaces can become visible in your smile.

Titanium Implants may be more durable in certain situations and work better for Full mouth dental implants.