Zeramex Zirconia Implants

zeramex zirconia implants

What separates Zeramex from it’s zirconia competitors is that the Zeramex implant and abutment parts can be put together without glue, but rather a metal free screw. 

Information about Zeramex implants:


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ZERAMEX® ceramic implants offer you reliability: High biocompatibility and corrosion resistance ensure that the zirconium dioxide ceramic used remains stable over the long term.

Furthermore, ceramic implants are not affected by contact with oral bacteria or other dental materials. They also have a lower affinity with plaque – harmful plaque finds less surface adhesion than with titanium implants. This significantly reduces the risk of inflammation around the implant.


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The biocompatibility of ceramic allows natural blood flow to the gums around the implant.

When titanium implants are used, however, the blood flow to the adjacent gums is almost 20 percent less than with a natural tooth. Ceramic implants also counteract natural bone regression in the jaw.


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The completely metal-free ZERAMEX® ceramic implants are aesthetically and functionally impressive as artificial tooth roots.

Their white color is visually superior to grey titanium: There is no risk of visible grey edges or the dark core of the implant showing through.


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You can rely on the stability and durability of ZERAMEX® implants: Test results and clinical practice speak for themselves.

A success rate of over 96 percent was observed during the healing process.


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The Swiss company Dentalpoint AG pioneered two-part, metal-free implant solutions with their ZERAMEX® ceramic implants.

Years of experience and innovation make Dentalpoint AG one of the leading suppliers of ceramic implants. All ZERAMEX® implants are produced in Switzerland.