why dentists do titanium implants not zorconia

Why are Titanium Dental Implants more popular than Zirconia?

Considering all the benefits of zirconia implants compared to titanium – great cosmetics, great biocompatibility and improved hygiene, why don’t more dentists offer zirconia implants? Are titanium dental implants better than zirconia? Are titanium dental implants safe? Titanium implants get placed 5000x more often than zirconia. Many dentists who do implants have never even seen a zirconia implant before. Why? Ceramic implants are tooth colored and will never show metal by the gumline. No metal allergies either, since zirconia is not a metal.

In most dental offices, zirconia implants are not even mentioned during implant consultations. Aren’t patients supposed to be presented with all their treatment options? Why wouldn’t the option of a metal free implant be given to someone getting a tooth replaced?

Funding for Titanium is 1000x more than Zirconia

Titanium implants have been available for nearly 50 years. Zirconia implants have been available for over 30 years. There are nearly 1000 titanium implant manufacturing companies compared to about 10 zirconia implant companies. Titanium implants is a billion dollar industry in the USA compared to a 10 million dollar zirconia industry. The manufacturing cost of a titanium implant costs cents compared to over $100 for a zirconia implant.

Titanium Pharmaceutical Companies Donate 10s of Millions of dollars to US Dental School Programs. Zirconia Cannot Afford it.

Most US dental schools do not use any metal free implants or train students to place zirconia. Zirconia implant surgery is different than titanium and specific training is necessary. Naturally dentists will not do procedures unless they are properly trained.

Nobel Biocare introduces big Implant Pharm’s first Zirconia Dental Implant

Has a titanium implant giant finally bought into the legitimacy of zirconia? The introduction of the Nobel Pearl zirconia implant has definitely brought zirconia implants to the forefront of a community used to only doing titanium implants. Hopefully with zirconia being introduced by larger implant companies, the dollars and cents of informed consent and patient treatment options will begin to add up.