Titanium is Better Than Zirconia for Full Mouth Implants

Titanium Implants are more Predictable for Full Mouth Dental Implants than Zirconia

Full mouth implant options such as all on 4 dental and snap on dentures work much better with titanium implant systems. Implants connect to the teeth on top by way of a part called an “abutment.” Connecting single teeth or small implant bridges is a simple process and can be done easily with titanium and zirconia implant and abutment systems.

What is the best material for dental implants?

Prefab vs custom Implant Abutments

more complex implant cases require the use of a custom abutment or at least a custom abutment makes life a lot easier and the implant case result better. Titanium implant systems allow the implant dentists to make a custom shaped abutument whereas there is no ability to make a custom abutment with a zirconia implant. Titanium implants come with many different prefabricated or stock abutment shape and sizes. Conversely, zirconia have 1 or 2 different parts to connect the crown, making anything other than cookie cutter tooth replacement situations much more difficult.

All on 4 implants – zirconia vs titanium

All on 4 dental implants usually use 4-6 implants to connect a full upper or lower set of implant teeth. Full mouth implant bridges use a very sophisticated abutment systems to connect the teeth to the implants. Small metal screws are usually used to connect the implant teeth permanently to the implants. Most zirconia abutments are not very sophisticated and use glue or large screws. Large screws are not a good way to connect bridges. Metal screws are much stronger per thickness than the non metal screws used in some zirconia implant systems. It is necessary to be able to easily remove and replace all on 4 implant bridges for maintenance. Glued zirconia implant systems will not allow for a full mouth bridge to be removed as needed for maintenance. Full mouth implants often make use of parts called “uni-abutments” to correct for different levels and angles of the implants relative to gums and other implants. No zirconia implant system has uni-abutment parts available.

Full mouth implants is possible with zirconia implants, but it is much more difficult, time consuming and expensive. Often times, the end result is superior with titanium, not to mention much easier for the dentist, lab and patient.

Snap on Dentures – Titanium vs Zirconia Implants

Snap on dentures have abutments on the implants that function like the male side of a snap. There is a female housing inside the denture that literally snaps down onto the male implant abutment. With titanium implant systems the abutments connect by way of a small metal screw. The abutments rarely wear out, but occasionally the abutments will need to be replaced. Snap on denture maintenance is easy with titanium implants. Zirconia implant systems have snap on denture parts but they get cemented into the implants permanently. Maintenance is difficult if not impossible when using zirconia implants for snap on dentures. Cemented snap on abutments cannot be easily replaced. In most cases, the cemented abutments need to be drilled out which can damage the implant beyond repair. Needless to say, titanium implants work better for snap implant dentures.