Are Titanium Implants Stronger and more Durable that Zirconia?

Are Titanium Implants More Durable and Last Longer than Zirconia?

Strength of titanium vs zirconia implants is not a simple matter. The truth of the matter is both materials have their strengths and weaknesses in implant dentistry. Additionally since 99.99% of implants come in 2 pieces. The strength of the connection can be the weakest link. It is also important to understand the different forces on teeth so we can understand what they need to hold up to.

Titanium is better than zirconia implants for shorter and smaller teeth spaces

Zirconia is not a flexible or malleable material. Zirconia needs to be a bit thicker than metal to have adequate strength for tooth replacement. Metal on the other hand is somewhat flexible and malleable at least compared to zirconia. Metal can be strong without having to be as thick as zirconia. In cases where missing teeth spaces are not very tall or wide, titanium may be a better choice. For example, if someone has a lot of tooth wear and the height available for a new tooth is shorter than 6mm, titanium may be a more durable solution. If teeth have shifted and there is very little room for a new tooth, titanium is a better option. If spaces get too small, zirconia may not even be an option.

2nd molar teeth spaces have a tendency to be very short. 2nd molars also receive the heaviest pressure in the mouth. Often times, titanium is a better selection for a 2nd molar site considering the heavy forces and limited space.

Titanium is better for heavy Tooth Clenchers and Bruxism

Titanium will bend before it breaks. Zirconia will not bend and when placed under enough load, it will break. 

What dental implant material is best? Strength and longevity is definitely a very important consideration.