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What is the best dental implant material? Both zirconia and titanium are great materials for dental implants with different pros and cons for each. For decades, titanium has been the gold standard for tooth replacement, but in recent years, there has been an increase in demand for metal free implants. The interest in non metallic implants has stemmed from concerns about titanium implant corrosion, titanium allergies, biocompatibility and unsightly metal in the smile zone. Metal free implants, referred to as Zirconia or Ceramic implants, offer some major benefits over titanium: 1) metal free 2) tooth colored and better cosmetics 3) more biocompatible. Zirconia has been a material option since the 1980s in Europe, but thousands of titanium implants are placed for every one zirconia in the United States. Why do most dentists still only offer titanium implants? And why do some dental professionals not even know zirconia implants exist? For starters, it took until 2007 for the first zirconia implant to be approved by the FDA. Secondly, Most US dental schools only offer training for titanium implants. Finally, titanium pharmaceutical implant giants pump millions of dollars in donations and free products into US dental schools while many zirconia implant companies hardly turn a profit. But The Times They are a Changin. Enter the first big pharma zirconia implant – Nobel Biocare Pearl


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Titanium vs Zirconia

zirconia or titanium dental implant

Best Dental Implant Material Options at the Dentist

If I go for an implant consultation, my dentist will give me the option of titanium or zirconia implants, right? Unfortunately, the answer to that is usually no. Unless you are going to a holistic dentist, the odds of you being given the option for a zirconia implant are pretty slim. It’s important to know that an implant consists of 3 parts: 1) The implant itself also referred to as the “new root”. 2) The abutment which is the connector between the implant root and the crown, and 3) The crown or “new tooth”. You may hear your dentist mention zirconia being used, but they are most likely referring to the tooth on top of the titanium implant root. You may ask, who cares if the implant doc puts metal into my jaw bone as long as I do not see it? Is a tooth-colored zirconia implant a better option? If so, why wouldn’t my dentist tell me about that? Would my dentist really put a metal implant in my mouth without asking me if I prefer zirconia? Welcome to zirconia-implants.com. Get educated about the different material options for dental implants. Gather information to help you decide which type of implant material may be the best fit for you. And when you go into the dentist, demand to get a zirconia implant, if that is the best option for you. The options are two, zirconia or titanium, but the decision may be more complicated than you think.

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Zirconia is more Cosmetic than Titanium

Of course zirconia looks better than titanium. Zirconia is white, natural and tooth colored. whereas titanium is metal, unsightly and a metallic gray color.

Zirconia is more Biocompatible and Hypoallergenic

The human body can be more or less reactive/allergic to things you put on or in your body. There is more awareness about how what goes in the mouth effects overall health. Titanium is a metal and it is more reactive than Zirconia. For people who have sensitivities, this can be an issue.

Titanium is Stronger and more Durable

“Strength” is debatable, but generally titanium implant solutions seem to hold up better in situations where people clench their teeth. Titanium works better in situations where teeth are small and short.

Titanium is Best for Full Mouth Implants & Bridges of 4 Teeth or More

Titanium implants have more advanced connections to implant teeth than zirconia. Titanium implants work better for full mouth implant solutions including snap on implant dentures. Zirconia implants work great for single teeth and small bridges of 3 or 4 teeth.

Zirconia is better for Gum health and more Hygienic

Zirconia collects less bacterial plaque than titanium. Gum tissue blood circulation and vitality around zirconia is 50% greater than titanium. The result of better circulation is better defense against oral bacteria and better oral health.